Flexshare Apartments 

For the flexible holidaymaker


At Jeckels, we also operate with flexshare in addition to timeshare. By owning a timeshare, you will have guaranteed access to a particular apartment in a fixed given week each year. By owning a flexshare, on the other hand, you get access to an apartment for a fixed number of guests for a flexible week each year. 

The flexible weeks fall in the period from week 43 through week 49, and again from week 2 through week 13. The flexshare model is ideal for those who are flexible in terms of taking time off during the mentioned periods.  


As a flexshare owner, you will submit your prioritised wishlist in terms of desired weeks and sizes before the 1st of May each year. All you need to do is to fill out the flexshare formula, which can be found here. The formula can be submitted online or via mail. 

After having received preferences from all the flexshare holders, Jeckels’ management will allocate the apartments – and all flexshare owners will receive a confirmation of what they have been granted for the coming holiday year. As some weeks are particularly popular, not everyone’s first priority can be guaranteed year after year. 

In case you were to have your preferences declined, we recommend contacting the reception at Jeckels and working with them to arrive at the best alternative. Flexibility has its advantages – we recommend spreading your preferences across multiple apartments and weeks. 


The price of owning a flexshare apartment depends on the size of the apartment in question. 

After having acquired a flexshare apartment at Jeckels, you will be liable for the annual service fee, the purpose of which is to cover operating expenses and maintenance. The fee depends on the size of the apartment and can range from DKK 2,800 to DKK 5,513 incl. VAT per year. See the rates here. In addition, an annual fee of DKK 115 is paid to the Jeckels Foundation as well as a flex fee of DKK 125.  


All owners at Jeckels automatically become members of The Association of Timeshare Owners at Jeckels Hotel and thus have a democratic influence on the operations of and at Jeckels at the annual general meeting. Regardless of the holiday apartment’s price or size, each member is entitled to one vote per apartment week owned.  

Jeckels is a member of ‘Dansk Timeshareejer Forening’ (an organisation for Danish timeshare hotels) – and each member hotel must follow the organisation’s articles of association and ethical standards. 


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