Timeshare Apartments 

A fantastic alternative to renting or buying


When you purchase a holiday apartment on a timeshare-basis at Jeckels, you only pay for the period you wish to stay in the apartment. This is the idea behind the timeshare concept, making it a fantastic, flexible alternative to renting or owning a summerhouse.



Having a timeshare at Jeckels means that you can have a lovely holiday for one or more weeks, from 4 p.m. on a given Saturday to 11 a.m. the following Saturday. The owners’ association handles the administration, cleaning, and all external and internal maintenance. The apartment is therefore completely ready upon your arrival – tastefully furnished, well maintained, newly cleaned, with made beds, fresh towels, and an extensively equipped kitchen. 

When you purchase a timeshare apartment at Jeckels, you buy the full right to use that particular apartment for a particular week every year. It is subsequently up to you whether you wish to use the apartment yourself, rent it out (either by yourself or with the assistance of Jeckels’ reception), or you can join a timeshare exchange company, which offers the opportunity to visit a holiday home elsewhere in the world. To read more about such exchange organisations, click here 

Jeckels offers 42 charming holiday apartments in a range of different sizes from 2 to 8 guests. 


The price of a particular apartment depends both on its size and the week being purchased. Outside of the typical peak season (notably the summer months and around the holidays), a superb apartment can often be acquired for a surprisingly low price. Indeed, long walks, reading, watching movies, cooking, rest and relaxation are no less heavenly in February or November… 

When you have purchased a timeshare at Jeckels, you simply pay an annual service fee, which covers all operation and maintenance costs. The amount of this fee depends, again, on the size of the apartment, but is between approximately DKK 2,800 and DKK 5,513 (including VAT) per year. See the rates here. In addition, an annual fee of DKK 115 is paid to the Jeckels Foundation. 


All owners at Jeckels automatically become members of The Association of Timeshare Owners at Jeckels Hotel and thus have a democratic influence on the operations of and at Jeckels at the annual general meeting. Regardless of the holiday apartment’s price or size, each member is entitled to one vote per apartment week owned. 

Jeckels is a member of ‘Dansk Timeshareejer Forening’ (an organisation for Danish timeshare hotels) – and each member hotel must follow the organisation’s articles of association and ethical standards. 


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