That’s why you should take a holiday in Skagen

Where 2 oceans meet.

Welcome to the “Top of Denmark”, where at first glance you will be greeted by breathtaking nature and a very special light, which has inspired great artists, poets and musicians for decades.

This 600-year-old market town is and will be a unique experience, and it is no surprise that the World Wide Fund for Nature has designated Denmark’s northernmost city as a rare, authentic and scenic place.

Skagen is particularly proud of the world-famous Skagen Painters, whose fantastic paintings can be experienced at the Skagen Museum.

The old town, with its iconic yellow houses and winding alleyways, will lead you to a vibrant atmosphere at the marina all year round – and here you can enjoy freshly caught, high quality seafood.

You cannot be in Skagen without experiencing standing with one foot in the Kattegat and one in the Skagerrak. There are many types of hiking trails to Grenen, and whether you like to go on a full day trip or a shorter, child-friendly trip, there are routes for all temperaments.


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